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John Udvardy and Lasse Antonsen Exhibit

John Udvardy and Lasse Antonsen Exhibit

at Bristol Art Museum July 18 - August 31, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, July 25, 7-9pm

John Udvardy - "Allegories and Reliquaries"
Lasse Antonsen - "An Installation of Objects and Texts"

Curators’ Notes | Mary Dondero

In these two separate yet related exhibits, the viewer will encounter an installation of objects with accompanying text by Lasse Antonsen and sculptural pieces by John Udvardy. Each of the displays provocatively evokes new ways for us to imagine, remember or consider our surroundings. Lasse Antonsen and John Udvardy, who incidentally are friends, both possess commanding creative visions—their works are highly conceptual, which indicates the artists’
courage and confidence working with their materials. Their works are reminders of how our culture and its artistic production influence each other.
Antonsen’s installation creates an environment for viewers to think about, and possibly construct new narratives for the life of a stranger, Lindholm the violin maker who emigrated to the United States from Sweden in 1892, a man who had a rich interior life.
Udvardy’s sculptural works present viewers with the opportunity to question our understanding of what is factual.
His work invites us to discover the sublime through his use of materials and the new art forms he creates out of what was once something else.
These two artists understand that a viewer’s interaction with their work challenges the common assumption of what art is. Both Antonsen and Udvardy know that their abstractions allow the viewer to contemplate, reflect and daydream.

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