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Reveal and Conceal

at Linden Place Ballroom, March 24 - April 6 | 2012

Artist Reception | Friday| March 23 | 7-9PM
Poetry Reading | Saturday | March 24 | 3-5 PM

There is also a fund Raiser...
"Art for All and All for Art", A Sponsored | Invitational | Art Exhibit

Curators’ Notes, Mary Dondero

Creating art may be seen as an effort in revealing or explaining realities. There is a tension that exists in these creations because of how the image ultimately conceals information from the viewer. This is exaggerated by how our minds interpret the image. I find this especially true in artwork created or developed from any type of photographic process.

Reveal and Conceal is shaped by artwork that both presents and hides content. In this exhibit these contrary ideas are presented in various ways, each expressing the creative voice of the individual artist; the use of symbolic narrative, images that appear to shift or change, artworks created with materials that transform into other materials and imagery that epitomizes the concept of absence.

The artists are:

Rennie Barrow
Annu Palakunnathu Matthew
Toni Pepe
Esther Solondz

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